Sermon January 12

A Sermon Preached by Dr. Stan Henderson
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Oroville, California

January 12, 2014

“Discovering God’s Word”

II Kings 22:1-22:3

Treasure stories are fun, aren’t they? I think about treasure whenever I have to do some digging in my back yard. Maybe some gold miner was camped on my property and left something behind. Maybe someone buried a tin can with something valuable inside it and never came back for it. I probably need to get myself a metal detector.

When we hear a story about stumbling upon a fabulous treasure, we invariably indulge in a little fantasy and imagine ourselves as the one who makes this marvelous find. I heard a story about hidden treasure which really intrigues me. It’s supposed to be true; they said it was true. It starts back at the beginning of the 18th century when Charles IV was the king of Spain. Charles had guessed correctly that the French emperor, Napoleon, could not be stopped, so he made a decision concerning his priceless collection of antique clocks and the crown jewels of the Spanish monarchy. He asked a trusted servant to bury the clock collection inside the wall of one of the 365 rooms of the royal palace, and the crown jewels of Spain inside the wall of another one of those 365 rooms.

The wise servant did as he was told and he shrewdly cut a piece of fabric from the draperies in each of these two rooms where the treasure was hidden, in case the Spanish monarchy ever recovered the throne. Charles IV was right. Napoleon invaded and installed his brother, Joseph, on the Spanish throne.

In 1814, Ferdinand VII, son of Charles IV, got back the throne of Spain and the first thing he wanted to do was to find the crown jewels. But there was a problem. Joseph Napoleon had been something of an interior decorator, and he had changed the draperies in every one of the rooms of the royal palace. Ferdinand VII faced a choice. He could tear the bricks out of 365 rooms in order to find his crown, or let it be. He decided to take his losses and let it be.

Everyone thought that was just a quaint legend, until, several decades ago, a plumber working on some pipes in one of the rooms of the royal palace found the antique clock collection. Someday, someone digging through the walls of that palace will discover the lost crown jewels of Spain.

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