Navigating This Website


We are in the process of making the website for Trinity more up to date and user friendly.   Here are a few things that should be helpful when using the website:

When you click on “Home”:

  1. You will see the Pastor’s general welcome message.
  2. If you scroll down you will actually see his monthly message.
  3. There are also pictures on the top that start changing if you stay on this part of the website.
    1. Each picture is associated with an event or announcement.
    2. You can click the text or picture and continue reading it will show the full posting information.
    3. You can also move the arrows on each side of the text to move the pictures left and right.
    4. The pictures show either long term announcements or the most recent upcoming events, but Do Not show all the events posted.
    5. There is also a random posting to the left side of the Monthly Pastor’s Message.


When you click on “Who We Are” :

  1. Single click
  2. You will see Pastor Stan Henderson’s short introduction to what our church is all about.
  3. There is also an agenda of events on the right side that can be clicked to show the full information on each event.
  4. There are other tabs under  “Who We Are”:


(These are meant to be  for current information on different church projects and will be updated from time to time.)


When you go to “What’s Happening” there are a number of tabs that come up when you put the curser over it.

  1. Single Click
  2. Click right on “What’s Happening” and there is an agenda view and a calendar view.
  3. or

  4. Click right on “Continue Reading


  1. If you go to the Agenda Viewit shows you about 10 events with the closest upcoming dates.
    1. You can double click on any event and it will show you the full posting with all     information.
    2. When you double click and see a full posting of an event you will see the agenda view calendar on the right.
    3. At the bottom of the agenda is a listing called “Recent Posts”.
      1. Click this box and it will show you events that were recently posted.
      2. Click a post in that box and it will show you the full posting and information on the event.



  1. If you go to the Calendar View it shows you this month’s calendar with the posted events.

1. You can Single click on any event and it will show you the full posting with all                information.


2. If you click on “Next” in the left hand corner of the calendar it will take you to the next month’s calendar

You can double click on any posting there to find the same full posting                                      information.

  1. Click the other tabs under “what’s happening” to see announcements on recent events, reports, or the duty roster for the month.


When you click on Ministries:

  1. When Single Clicking Ministries up.
  2. You will see a synopsis of all the ministries of the church.
  3. You can click on the tabs under ministries to see information about each individual ministry.
  4. There is also a general agenda view of upcoming events to the right side where you can click and find information about a specific event.



When you click on What We Believe:


  1. Single Clicking on What We Believe
  2. Clicking on the main tab What We Believe gives you a synopsis of what the Presbyterian Church believes.
  3. Clicking on the Statement of Mission will give you the Mission Statement of our local church and how we try to accomplish it.


When you click on Contact:

  1. Clicking on the main tab “Contact“will show you where we are and ways to get information.
  2. Clicking on the “Prayer Request”tab will give you a place to submit your prayer request.
    1.  If you  do not have an e-mail address or prefer not to leave information there, contact the church office,  and/or
    2. Request a call from the Pastor or a Deacon.
    3. The third is the Navigating This Website  tab which you have found and tells you how to find information on this website.


When you click on the “ I’m New” banner tab on the far right corner:

  1. That will show a number of tabs on the right hand side that you can click on to find out more about us.
  2. The tabs are much the same as the tabs on the main menu but with more limited information.
  3. Check on the “What’s Happening” tab of the main menu and choose the Calendar View to find out the times of the next Worship and Sunday school because they
  4. do change from time to time, and there is usually no Sunday school during the summer and some holiday vacations.

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